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Potapas Sweet Potato Gluten Free Tortillas

Potapas Sweet Potato Gluten Free Tortillas

Local San Diego company, Potillas LLC, which manufactures and sells Potapas Gluten Free Potato Tortillas, is excited to announce that it is introducing the only tortilla made with sweet potatoes, Sweet Potato Potapas. These unique and innovative tortillas are a tasteful addition to the growing “free from” category.

Sweet Potato Potapas join original Potapas Potato Tortillas on the frozen retail shelves of 200+ Sprouts Markets and other grocers including Mother’s Markets in Orange County, CA and Jimbo’s Markets in San Diego, CA.

Jim Broussalian, creator of Sweet Potato Potapas, describes them as having a soft, pliable texture and savory/sweet potato flavor that compliment a wide variety of filings and recipes. They make great tacos, mini-wraps, quesadillas and are used as a flatbread alternative. In addition to being made with sweet potatoes and potatoes, Potapas also have garbanzo bean flour for protein and cassava flour and chicory root inulin for fiber, but no corn. They are free from wheat, soy, dairy, and nuts and preservatives. We have been testing them with consumers at local gluten free expos and have received tremendous positive response.

Ingredient statement: Sweet potatoes, dehydrated potatoes, garbanzo bean flour, cassava flour, modified tapioca starch, non GMO canola oil, chicory inulin fiber, potato starch, salt, konjac gum, xanthan gum. Each 1 oz tortilla is 60 calories with 1 g fat, 1 g fiber and 1 g protein. They are verified gluten free by 3rd party testing lab, as well as, certified Kosher. Potapas have received Non GMO Project verification based on the careful selection of its ingredients. Since no preservatives are used, Potapas must be kept frozen until ready to use. After thawing, they can be heated on a hot pan for best results, or microwaved.

Distribution: The Potapas brand is in its 3rd year of sales having expanded to 200+ Sprouts Farmers Markets across the entire chain in October 2015. The tremendous consumer response and passion for Potapas provide the grassroots support needed to grow the business on a “shoestring” budget. See pictures of consumer generated product uses on Instagram and Twitter.

Potapas are also available at 7 Mother’s Market locations in Orange County, CA and 6 Jimbo’s markets in San Diego.

Background: Potillas LLC of San Diego, the manufacturer of Potapas, is sparking a revolution in food innovation by creating gluten free products that taste great. Jim Broussalian created Potapas as a delicious, new tortilla based on the love of all things potato, while benefiting those who are seeking gluten free foods. As a food scientist, business executive, and consultant, Jim has led menu development teams for companies like Jack in the Box, Taco Bell and Baskin Robbins. He and his family are residents and active community members of Carmel Valley in San Diego.

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