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Nima – The World's First Portable Gluten Sensor

Nima – The World's First Portable Gluten Sensor

Nima, a new pocket-sized sensor, allows you to test your food anytime, anywhere. If you avoid gluten, take about 3 minutes and test your food with Nima and eat with confidence! You can also immediately sync your test results with the Nima app.

How Nima works

Nima has two parts: a pocket-sized sensor and a one-time-use capsule, which contains proprietary chemistry to let you know if your food contains gluten. First, you take a pea-sized amount of food or liquid and put it into one of the capsules. Screw on the cap, and insert the capsule into the sensor. After pressing start, wait about 3 minutes. If Nima detects any gluten, it will display a wheat symbol and say either low gluten or high gluten found. If Nima shows a smiley face, your food has less than 20 parts per million of gluten – the FDA guideline for gluten-free foods.

After testing, Nima syncs with your phone so you can share your test results with other Nima users with similar dietary habits on the Nima iOS app. You can also search for restaurants, see previous test results and find new recommendations nearby, giving you a growing list of friendly gluten-free options right at your fingertips!

You can reserve your own Nima Starter Kit, which contains the sensor, three one-time-use capsules, a charging cable and a carrying pouch on our Web site for $279. Capsules are available in refill packs of 12 capsules with a subscription basis or as needed, starting at $59.95.

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