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Celiac Symptoms What this disease is and Warning Signs of It!

Celiac Symptoms What this disease is and Warning Signs of It!

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If you had to guess what do you think is the most commonly consumed ingredient in developed countries. It probably has something to do with sugar right? What do you think is the second most commonly consumed ingredient? It’s something called gluten.

When some individuals consume gluten their immune system may react strangely and end up damaging something called villa in their digestive system. This villa is located within the small intestines and is very important. Do you have a guess on what it does? Its job is to absorb good nutrients and vitamins, so your body can use them. If villa is damaged a person will have a hard time getting the important vitamins and minerals their body needs and they will suffer.

Since vitamins are essential for life all kinds of bad things can happen, if someone doesn’t have enough of them. Without enough iron a person could get anemia, where they don’t have enough red blood cells. Indicators of this would be pale skin, irregular heartbeats and not being able to think clearly.

A vitamin D deficiency may make a person’s bones hurts. A Vitamin K deficiency could give someone more frequent nose bleeds and easier bruising. Not having enough B vitamins could impact nerves and give someone tingling feelings in their hands or feet.

Apart from these signs of a deficiency in a vitamin there probably will be some digestion problems. This could be stomach pains, diarrhea, weight loss, nausea, fatigue and more fat in a person’s stools.

To make things simple if you don’t feel right it could be a vitamin or mineral deficiency that is caused by celiac disease. This is why routine checkups to catch problems are so important. The only way to truly know if someone has this disease is to get tested.

There is really only one way to treat this disease and do you know what it is? Yep it’s to eliminate gluten from a person’s diet. Even if you get tested and don’t have this ailment it could still be gluten. The reason is because some people could have sensitivity to it, but not have celiac disease.

My father actually had this and he stopped consuming foods with gluten and do you know what happened? Yep, he started feeling better after eliminating this ingredient from his diet. I know what you might be thinking and this is that you will cut out gluten regardless, and I don’t think that is a good idea. For starters gluten is in a ton of foods and most people have no problems absorbing it.

To sum everything up if someone doesn’t feel right they could be lacking in nutrients that is caused by this disease or they could be sensitive to gluten. The only way to treat it would be to eliminate gluten.

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