Abraham-Hicks: Allergic to food= allergic to negative emotions

Abraham-Hicks: Allergic to food= allergic to negative emotions


Esther Hicks channel Abraham.
The woman asked at the beginning of this, before the clip started: “If you act as if it is and if you have thoughts of what you want to manifest and act as if it is, how do you deal with it on a physical level, for instance- I have developed food sensitivity over the years when I get reactions to things that I eat. So if I want to buy into the belief that I am allergic to these foods and I shouldn’t be eating them”……clip now continue..

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Excerpted from workshop in Stamford,CT, 06-13-2009
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My intention is to share Abraham’s teachings about eating, food, weight loss and body
topics that can transform the way you think and feel about yourself in this area of your life!

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