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Celiac ‘Glutened’ by Products Labeled “Gluten Free”

Celiac ‘Glutened’ by Products Labeled “Gluten Free”

**Recorded prior to going 80/10/10** Thanks for Watching

Apparently I also decided to record this in the midst of putting my mascara on.

Honestly one of the nice things about going 80/10/10 is I literally don’t need to read any label except if trying to decide whether to eat a yellow peach or a white one. #peachdiscrimination

XOXO My goal is to be 80/10/10 until I finish school **two weeks from now** and then reevaluate and continue if I feel as glorious as I do now!

Product Mentioned:
Super Food Powder

Non Celiac ‘Gluten Free’ Cookies:

Again: The product is labeled GF and Wheat Grass is “technically” gluten free due to it not producing the proteins that affect our immune system and digestion BUT I personally have had reactions to anything with the products Wheat Grass Barley Grass Rye Grass and Oat Grass. So Consume On a Warning.

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