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And the people that put wheat in Walkers crips ready salted will be first against the wall…

Reading the lindt section they have that ambiguity on barley malt extract from coeliac uk. That winds me up, I got ill from barley malt in cereal in part because coeliac uk were so relaxed about it. I was eating harvest morn corn flakes with barley malt because they;d been in the guide, then I got ill and then found theyd been removed in the new guide. Now I avoid all of it of course and feel a bit foolish for being so blase

I also seem to have misread the post linked to above, regular snickers bars are not ok It’s why I like toblerone, theres no ambiguity all their stuff is ok.


I am ever so sorry for posting again. Previously, I posted about having a positive anti-ttg test. I had a colonoscopy but the preparation for this didn’t go very well at all. I have had a history of bowel problems that have gone on for a while and the Gastroentrologist diagnosed it as just being IBS. I was previously tested for Celiac even when I was 18 years of age and am now in my thirties and was negative until now.

My appointment to see the Gastroentrologist is due for next week and wondered if I could ask for some guidance at all. Usually, on a morning I have bread (2 slices) with nutella on and on weekends have been having sandwiches. Over the last couple two weeks, I have been trying to eat as much as I can but have been having a gurgling sensation and severe constipation and then diarrhoea. I was wondering if what I am consuming food wise is still enough for it to be detected? This is the closest I have ever got to an answer to my bowel problems and I am significantly underweight now as I only weight around 8 stone 4 and should be around 10 or 11 stone.

I wondered if the Gastroentrologist can diagnose it based on my symptoms and blood test now or whether I will still have to go through with an endoscopy as I was told there is a huge waiting list for this at my current hospital.

I also have pernicious anemia that came up unexplained years back when I started having bowel problems and my Mom also has this and has also recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I am not sure if this information is relevant though but she was told that diabetes is an auto-immune disease.

Thank you to everyone on this forum and for the support given to me already.

I get my blood tests ordered from an online site that has Labcorp do the tests. Not sure if I’m allowed to give the url on here. So if your doctor says no then order them yourself. If positive then give the results to your doc.

Just describe your symptoms, say that someone has suggested you get your blood sugar levels checked and they shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Fwiw, I thought I was either diabetic or pre diabetic and had blood sugars done several times. The constant water drinking / urination, heavy sweats, shakiness, light headedness etc all went with the gluten.

Keep a food journal, it’s the best way of tracking down what is affecting you. ESPECIALLY if you suffer from brain fog as its really easy to lose track or to forget how you were feeling a few days ago. Just short entries, what you eat, what time and how you feel.