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Thanks all. When I was younger we were suspecting diabetes because I would get shaky, light headed, faint, etc. Nothing ever really came of it and now looking back on it I assume it could be the celiac. I feel like I should get it checked out again though, Im not sure of the last time it was done. What do I say to them? Just can you check my blood sugar levels? What if they say why? Cyclinglady you say they are genetically linked? Do you know how or why? Yes, I suppose I could just go down to my university’s health services and ask if they will do it for me instead of waiting the week but what do I say to them? I only ask because I dont want to seem a little crazy about suspecting diabetes.

Great catch, Gemini! TYpe 1 diabetes and celiac disease are genetically linked. Kathleen should get her blood sugar checked out even if it is at the student health center (might be faster than getting into her doctor.).

Was just going to support the comment re diabetes. Go get that checked out asap just in case you have an issue there. If you do then just like celiac you can manage it. Hang in there, you’ll get better!

I run a gluten free bakery and we use LorAnnOils products all gluten-free. From there we make our own sugar free icings with the flavors and colors using swerve confectionery sweetener or powdered xylitol and arrowroot.

I think it had something to do with a combination of your body fighting inflammation, and the ratios of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and vitamin C. Higher magnesium and sodium before bed helps to retain water though the night. Potassium and vitamin C cause you to keep going. Oddly enough any of these in high amounts leads to bottomless thirst…..I suck on sugar free xylitol mints and gum all day. Even got flavored kids toothpaste to discourage the binge urges.