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I hope you figure it out! ?

Gluten is not associated with a risk of coronary heart disease in people without celiac disease?and restricting gluten may result in a low intake of …
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About 6 months after I went gluten free my CRP and cholesterol became perfect. I have had Hashimotos since 1997, Celiac diagnosis 2007. Numbers great for 9 years. As soon as I added food to my strict 10 food diet numbers went high. They are normal now that I went back to diet. My primary doctor and gastrointestinal Dr have no clue.

You have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, right? Your CRP and sed rate may never go down with Hashi’s even though you are doing a good job of being gluten free for your celiac disease. celiac disease is the only Autoimmune disease (AI) that you can control because the trigger is gluten. No such luck with other AI issues like Hashi’s, lupus, etc. Your cholesterol may have increased simply because you are absorbing food now that your gut has healed. Talk to your doctor to put your mind at ease.

My CRP, Sed rate, and cholesterol went high but my Celiac blood work stayed unremarkable.