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Gluten-free Chicken Francese

Gluten-free Chicken Francese

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I had my first questionable symptoms when I was about 7 years old, frequent bouts of vomiting for hours until I eventually passed out of exhaustion, stomach pains, chronic fatigue and joint pains, as the years past I was diagnosed with several mental disorders, my mobility was very much comprimized because I began having seizures,neuropathy, and other neurological symptoms, a lesion was found on my brain mri but spinal tap was negative for o bands for multiple sclerosis. But i feel like I was just maybe on the cusp of potentially developing MS then was diagnosed, ive been gluten free about 3 weeks, its not very long, but I did gain some energy back but I pretty much live in the restroom(tmi) i get right sided stomach pains a lot they thought I had appendicitis, the fatigue comes and goes, and constant body tremors and drunk feeling, do you think after potentially after 17 years of being un diagnosed the permanent damage is more likely, is there any way to find that out? I see my gi next friday. I have had my b12 serum tested it was fine

If you’re looking for a rich, decadent dinner entree that also happens to be gluten-free, then look no further. This recipe for chicken Francese, that’s Italian for “chicken in the French style,” delivers a rich, flavorful entree that is sure to leave a trail of smiles and empty plates. Gluten-free chicken Francese makes a rich, delicious entree for dinner.
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I have been super anemic (ferritin 0, hemoglobin 9 g/dL) and also experience dizziness as a result of gluten consumption. The feelings of dizziness and vertigo are pretty similar in my experience, but when I was anemic blackouts due to vertigo were more common. That said, I was undiagnosed at the time of being very anemic, so it’s difficult to delineate the response I guess.

It’s usually one of the first signs that something is amiss for me – if it’s a low level CC, my stomach problems aren’t usually bad enough to be obviously caused by gluten, but if I start feeling dizzy, then I know I messed up. The feeling ranges from feeling I’m kind of floating/in some bizarre virtual reality to the spins (which sometimes leads to vomiting if I’m unlucky). I have found that riding in cars or moving around a lot makes it worse (or makes me notice it more).

Caveat here is that I’ve not seen a doctor about this. Like many neurological issues that are transient, it’s difficult to get much if you aren’t presenting with symptoms in the office (I’ve worked with specialists in this area on work matters and this is a huge problem in general). Plus, I get the sense that most doctors I’ve seen wouldn’t think this problem was potentially related to celiac, since many of my more well-known non-GI symptoms (DH-like skin rash) have been dismissed before. Good on you for trying though.

Do you take digestive enzymes or probiotics? I was diagnosed in February and I think they have really helped me. I’ve been using the brands listed on the Newbie post. I actually started taking digestive enzymes several years ago to help with diarrhea and they helped me SO much. I had to switch brands after diagnosis but I still take them with every meal. I started taking probiotics several weeks ago and have felt even better since then. My digestion is better its been in years and a lot of my other symptoms (fatigue, headaches, etc) have improved also. I hope someday just eating gluten free will be enough, but for now this is working so I’m ok with it.

Thank You All for such quick, detailed responses! I am just getting some work done for the day, later I will take the time to thoroughly examine and respond to your current responses. Once again Thank You all it is much appreciated!


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