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Slow Cooked Honey-Garlic Chicken (Gluten-Free)

Slow Cooked Honey-Garlic Chicken (Gluten-Free)

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I have very much appreciated this thread!

Want a great gluten-free dinner idea that’s tasty and ridiculously easy to make? This recipe for honey-glazed garlic chicken is just what you’ve been looking for. Just toss the chicken into the slow-cooker, blend the ingredients, pour over the chicken, and turn it on. Come back later, and dinner is ready to go. Serve over rice or gluten-free pasta, and add your favorite side for a delicious dinner.
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Thanks for the replies guys!

It waa koppaberg strawberry and lime flavour.

It may be corn or sugar

I’m thinking it may be time to hang up my drinking shoes

I went to San Antonio for my birthday. Only place I trusted was a sushi restaurant that is VERY allergen friendly. Think it is called sumo? Other then That I brought a bunch of microwave cookware, omelette makers, steam trays, and a small griddle. And a bunch of veggies, egg whites, my own gluten-free birthday cake I made myself. Made a bunch of steam pouches by putting small amounts of meat, and alot of veggies in a seasoning blend and a tiny bit of vinegar/juice/liquid smoke in vacuum seal bags. You just take the bags poke holes in them put them on a plate wrapped in paper towels and zapp it and make instant meals. Stir Fries, steam pouch meals and omelettes. I treated myself to some high end lump crab meat in most my meals for those days…..I love San Antonio and go there every year for my birthday.

Hi Stephen,


I am not sure because I’ve never drank this beverage, but gluten can be hidden if the ingredients say there are natural flavors (sometimes barely is used as a flavoring). To be on the safe side, I suggest calling the company who makes the beverage.

Milk, soy and nuts are listed, so it seems to me that they would have listed wheat if there was any in the beverage.


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