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Celiac Disease and Infertility – Is there a link? Dr. Morris | Infertility TV

Celiac Disease and Infertility – Is there a link? Dr. Morris | Infertility TV

Dr. Randy Morris | The BOARD CERTIFIED Fertility Expert Discusses Celiac Disease and Infertility – Is there a link?

Celiac Disease affects 1% of average Americans. That means at least 3 million people in the U.S. are living with celiac disease—97% of them are undiagnosed. Women are several times more likely to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease compared to men. If you have a relative with Celiac than the chances you have it are even higher.

Today on Infertility TV we ask the question – Is there a link between Celiac Disease and infertility or miscarriage?

Several studies have shown a higher incidence of Celiac Disease in women with infertility compared to those without. Others have shown a higher than expected incidence of Celiac in women with recurrent miscarriage.

If you have Celiac Disease, will going on a gluten free diet improve your fertility? Recently, the Celiac Disease Foundation launched the iCureCeliac national patient registry. 12% of the women in the registry reported infertility before their diagnosis but only 3% still had fertility problems after diagnosis. 19% reported having miscarriages before diagnosis but only 2% had miscarriages after diagnosis.

It doesn’t end there. Other studies have found that women with Celiac were more likely to have underweight babies and preterm labor and both problems could be improved by going on a Gluten Free diet.

So should you go on a Gluten Free diet if you have infertility? No! Should you get tested to see if you have Celiac disease? Probably a good idea.

If you have already been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, please add your data to the iCureCeliac registry to help researchers better understand and ultimately cure celiac disease. Visit

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