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Thank you for your reply!! We went to the GI and he strongly thinks it is Celiac Disease based on the high positive test results but wants to do the biopsy to make diagnosis. I don’t want to put my son through this if we can do a gluten free diet and re- test him in a few moths to see if it helps. I was told twice now that doing a biopsy is the gold standard of testing for celiac disease but I keep reading that this is now being debated? Thank you again for responding

….and if this were actually a real problem in life, Celiac organizations would be warning us to find gluten free, certified coffee. This is overkill and it really misinforms and scares people. The vast majority of Celiac’s do not have to follow the Fasano diet. We heal well on the standard, strict gluten-free diet. Key word….strict, with no cheating or risk taking. I would be willing to bet that those who do follow it have other issues going on that impedes their recovery in the beginning. The Fasano diet strips everything down to basic nutrition and that type of diet works well for a lot of other problems that Celiac’s can suffer from.

Yes, we are in NH.

Methods Twenty patients on adequate gluten-free diet for a mean period of … Neurological examination and celiac disease-related antibodies were …
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The FDA has found trace gluten in coffee. Please look into the Fasano Gluten Cross Contamination Elimination Diet. It was designed for a clinical trial for celiacs who were not responding to a standard gluten free diet. It is based around avoiding processed foods and those such as grains which show up as containing gluten even if ‘naturally gluten free’.