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Bone Broth Benefits: The Real Truth

Bone Broth Benefits: The Real Truth

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This is a nice option for those who are trying to navigate gluten free/grain free and find it difficult to eat out. We have had a terrible time attempting to eat out, suffering from cc just about every time. My daughter is very sensitive and suffers from primarily neurological symptoms (can’t use the right side of her body when glutened…can’t walk, difficult to use her right hand, balance issues, headache). So I cook everything at home. That’s great, but I’m tired.

Pete’s Paleo is a food delivery service. All paleo, 100% gluten free. No gluten containing products are used in their kitchen. They are working on getting certified gluten free (I contacted them to confirm).

it is definitely pricey. But I see it as the equivalent of eating out at a nice restaurant. Without the risk of cc.

I took GliadinX everytime I ate out on my trip in Peru. Many times they promised gluten-free and it was not. I know for certain the chocolate cake and pita bread were not gluten-free. The tour guide apologized the next day on both. I asked many questions due to suspision. I did not get sick at all. I am so grateful I was able to do this trip as I have not left the country in 20 years for fear of traveling and being exposed to gluten. My kids have celiac as well and I am extremely cautious. I think dining out protection is the perfect use for GliadinX. I think it’s best and safest for dining out where we never can really be sure what is in our food. Thanks for asking. Glad I could clarify.

Pizza is one of the hardest ones to do. This is something where it is wise to lower your expectations and to consider making it yourself (because if you find a crust you like, there is a god chance the cheese or sauce might not be to your taste). I have yet to find a pizza brand that gets everything right. But don’t despair, there are some tasty options provided you modify your expectations a bit. Udis used to make a great gluten free pizza, but they changed it so it went from being something like a north eastern style thin crust italian pizza to an awful pizza that tastes like it was made at the same place Henry Hill got his egg noodles and ketchup from. Some people do like the new taste, so I would say it is still worth trying. But I really can’t get into the change. Against the Grain isn’t too bad. They kind of cheat a bit the way they use this gelatinous goo in the center of the crust to create the illusion of chew (at first you won’t notice but after a few you’ll catch on). Unfortunately their cheese blend leaves something to be desired (tastes nothing like the classic three cheese italian blend). But their pesto pizza is wonderful. Again, gelatinous goo in the crust, but it is pretty good. Three Bakers actually makes a pretty good pizza. Haven’t had it in years though. Fraschetta isn’t bad either (though just be careful as the box for the gluten free one looks pretty similar to the regular pizza). Better Bread Company makes a very good gluten free pizza but is hard to find around here. I love their pepperoni pizza. I think of all of them, Better Bread company probably comes the closest to a real pizza for me. But it isn’t perfect (and I think Against the Grain Pesto is probably my favorite out of everything I’ve mentioned).

I would be pretty careful about rotisserie anything in a supermarket or megastore in the US if it isn’t labeled gluten free.

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