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Podcast #61 – Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac & Bulletproofing Your Gut w/ Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Podcast #61 – Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac & Bulletproofing Your Gut w/ Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Have you heard? Gluten is harmful, but do you know why? Dr. Tom O’Bryan explains away dietary gluten, how it is detrimental to your health, and why it keeps you from being optimal — in a big way! He talks about his 30 years of experience in researching Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and how you can drastically increase the quality of your life by getting rid of gluten in your diet. We also talk about the number one supplement he recommends to Bulletproof your gut, how gluten is like morphine, and if there are such a thing as “good” grains. If you want to understand gluten in a way you never have before and learn how it affects your body, this episode is for you!

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a nationally recognized speaker, workshop leader, healer, and researcher specializing in Celiac disease & gluten intolerance. He is a highly esteemed clinician in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine perspective. Dr. O’Bryan is the Sherlock Holmes for chronic disease & metabolic disorders, a triathlete, and a second-degree black belt in Aikido.

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