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How to Treat Lactose Intolerance | Foods & Healthy Recipes

How to Treat Lactose Intolerance | Foods & Healthy Recipes

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Be it any condition, a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery. Watch this video for some quick and easy recipes to help you recover from Lactose Intolerance!


Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a condition wherein one is unable to digest the the lactose that is present in dairy products. Lactose is also referred to as milk sugar. This condition develops due to a deficiency of enzyme called lactase, an enzyme that is , produced by the lining of the small intestine.cells that line the wall of the small intestine.


Symptoms to look for:

• Inability to digest lactose



• Deficiency of lactase
• It leads to diarrhoea & abdominal cramps


Food groups to consume in lactose intolerance:

1. Yogurt: Bacteria in yogurt digests lactose

2. Calcium: Makes up loss of calcium

Foods to consume: Soy milk, sprouts, finger millet (ragi), sesame seeds, almonds, broccoli, and spinach


Recipes based on the above food groups:

Recipe 1: Almond buttermilk

1. Put 1 cup of low fat yogurt in a jar
2. Add 15 crushed almonds to it
3. Also add 1 tbsp basil leaves
4. Then, add 2 tsp honey in it
5. Blend them all well together
6. Serve it cold

Recipe 2: Soy yogurt

1. Take 500 ml soy milk and warm it slightly
2. Then, add ½ tbsp yogurt in it
3. Mix it well and cover it
4. Allow it to rest for 5-6 hours till it sets

This can be a great accompaniment with your meals






The above recipes have been developed in consultation with a nutritionist. However, these are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in this video, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Refer to the terms of use on our website

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